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Not Quite a Date - Magsian - Rated PG

Title: Not Quite a Date

Author: Stacy/seemedsobright

Rating: PG

Characters: Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace Somerhalder, Jake Somerhalder, Kayla & Jon Bloom, Abby & Billie Monaghan

Dedication: vylentcrymz, who requested Magsian based on: Beach, Flower, Date, Shirt, Necklace.

Author's Note: This is epico-verse.

Disclaimer: Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder are their own persons. The author does not claim to know them or be in any way affiliated with them, nor does the author mean to imply that these events actually took place. Kayla, Jon, Abby, Billie, and Jake were created by the authors of epico and cannot be used without permission.


“Wow, Ian.” Maggie giggled and popped a grape into her mouth. “This almost feels like a real date.”

Ian looked up, feigning a hurt expression as he reached into the picnic basket and pulled out the Tupperware container holding the potato salad. “What do you mean, ‘almost’? This is as real as it gets. We’re having a romantic picnic on a gorgeous Hawaiian beach. I even dressed up!”

“That’s dressing up?” Maggie looked pointedly at his jeans, which had holes on both knees, and his decidedly casual flip-flops. “Have you forgotten what dating is like?”

“No, look. I’m wearing this nice, new shirt.” He held his arms out to demonstrate that his crisp blue button-up was, indeed, a nice shirt. “I put on cologne, go on, smell me.” He leaned toward her, tilting his chin up and exposing several inches of undeniably tempting neck. Maggie obliged, leaning in close and sniffing him appreciatively, surreptitiously brushing her lips over his Adam’s apple. “And I have on a necklace. That’s dressing up.”

“Mmm, you are wearing a necklace. A gorgeous metrosexual necklace that you may or may not have stolen from my own jewelry box,” Maggie nodded, brushing her fingertips over the silver chain.

Ian laughed and ran a hand through his wind-rumpled hair. “I plead the fifth.”

“Okay, you’ve nearly convinced me. This is almost a date,” Maggie said. She reached into the cooler and took out a Coke, popping it open and taking a long drink without looking away from Ian. “You do look pretty handsome, and the setting is very romantic.”

“But…?” Ian prompted.


Maggie didn’t have to finish her sentence. She’d been watching Jon and Jake sneak up behind Ian the entire time, and at that instant they let out battle cries and dumped their bucket of freezing cold ocean water over Ian’s head. Ian yelled and barely stopped himself from cursing. Jon laughed and ran away, but Jake’s toddler legs couldn’t carry him fast enough and he ended up in Ian’s arms, being tickled until he shrieked with laughter.

“Is it lunchtime yet?” Kayla asked, walking over with Abby and settling a crown of woven dandelions on Maggie’s head. Billie tottered over to settle in Maggie’s lap, showing her the perfect sand dollar she’d found.

“It sure is, girls,” Maggie said, wrapping one arm around Billie and reaching up to pat the flowers on her head with her free hand. “Thank you for my crown.”

Ian let go of Jake, who ran off to see what new mischief Jon had found. Using Jake’s towel, Ian rubbed the top of his head and shot Maggie a tired look.

“This is the last time we agree to sit for all five kids while their parents are off having grownup fun,” Ian muttered, just loud enough for Maggie to catch.

“Awww, is Ian grumpy? Girls, I think Uncle Ian is cranky.” Maggie turned to look at the three young girls, smiling wickedly and motioning at Ian. “How can we make him smile again?”

“Tickle him!” Abby declared. Billie seemed to agree, as she immediately launched herself across the picnic blanket. Ian let out an ‘oof!’ when she hit him, and started shouting for mercy when Kayla and Abby joined her to tickle his tummy and his feet.

“Okay, girls, okay, I think that’s enough.” Maggie laughed and tried to pry the kids off of Ian, who had fallen back onto the sand. “Uncle Ian is officially not cranky anymore. With you girls, anyway. Hey, how about you go round up the boys so we can eat?”

The mention of food was enough to get Dom’s children’s attention, and Kayla followed amiably after them. Maggie took a deep breath and sat down next to Ian, who was still collapsed and breathing heavily.

“That was evil,” Ian panted.

“Yep. I know.” Maggie smirked.

“Gonna apologize for it?” Ian asked.

Maggie reached out a hand, which Ian accepted and allowed her to pull him into a sitting position. Making sure the kids were far enough away, she leaned in to kiss him briefly while one hand ruffled his hair. Sand flew everywhere but neither of them took any notice.

“I’ll apologize later,” she promised. “Once Jake’s asleep, I’ll treat you to some grownup fun.”

“And I’ll take you on a real date soon,” Ian murmured. “I’ll even wear my nice jeans and dress shoes.”

“And will you return my necklace?” Maggie asked.

“Let’s not push it.”

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