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Autumn, Orlilly rated G (1/1)

Title: Autumn

Author: Stacy/seemedsobright

Characters: Orlando, Evangeline, Kayla, and Jonathan Bloom

Rating: G

Summary: Jon wants to play in the leaves. (Erm, think of this as a PWP with no smut.)

Dedication: myst56, who requested Orlilly centered on, "Canadian, autumn, coloured leaves, Sidi, Jon."

Disclaimer: Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly are their own people and the author does not claim to own them or know them in any way. The events described herein are completely fictitious. The characters of Jon and Kayla were created by the author and cannot be used without permission.


“Bigger pile, Daddy!”

“Alright, hold your horses. I’m raking as fast as I can!”

Jon giggled delightedly and threw a handful of yellow-orange leaves into the air, letting them shower down around him and the ever-patient Sidi, who was sitting protectively beside the two-year-old.

“Faster, faster!” Jon cheered, and Sidi barked in apparent agreement.

Orlando paused in his frantic raking efforts, pretending to be out of breath. “Whew. I don’t know if I can make the pile any bigger, Jon. I’m so tired.”

“Bigger pile! Bigger pile!” Jon threw more leaves in the air. Sidi sank into a lying position and sighed when leaves landed on his head. Jon laughed at the sight and dropped a few more leaves on top of the dog.

“I’ll try.” Orlando wiped his brow with the sleeve of his University of British Columbia sweatshirt and resumed raking. The huge tree in the backyard of the small vacation home he and Evi had purchased in her native Canada was nearly bare now, its leaves blanketing the ground in multicolored patterns.

“Hey, boys!” The backdoor swung open and Evi poked her head out, letting Kayla walk out first with a pitcher of lemonade. She watched the liquid intently, taking very slow steps to ensure that it wouldn’t slosh over the sides. Lila darted out of the kitchen in front of Evi, barking and running over to where Sidi was keeping watch on Jon.

Evi followed Kayla out of the house with a tray of sandwiches. “Lunch is ready! How about you take a break from the yard work and eat up?”

Orlando set the rake down beside the pile and grinned at Jon. “Alright, mate, lunch time. Let’s go see what Mum and Kayla made us.”

Jon’s lower lip quivered. “Wanna pay in the leaves!”

“After lunch, Jon, I promise. We’ll be able to play in the leaves as long as you want!” Orlando bent to scoop Jon into his arms and carry him to the patio table.

“Wanna pay now.” The little boy folded his arms across his chest and pouted. “Don’t wanna eat!”

It was Evi to the rescue; she took Jon from Orlando and settled in a chair with him on her lap. “Kayla,” she commented, “Why don’t you ask Daddy to help you serve lunch?”

“Daddy, look!” Kayla grinned proudly and pointed at the plate in the middle of the table. “I helped Momma make sammiches.”

“Jon loves PB and J, doesn’t he?” Evi tickled him under the chin and watched his sullen expression transform into one of grudging amusement. “Doesn’t he? Hmmm?”

Jon finally laughed. “Stoooop, Mummy! Tickles!”

“What’s that? You want me to tickle you more?” Evi’s fingers attacked his tummy and sides and he squirmed, giggling shrilly. “More tickling?

“No! No more!” Jon tried to wiggle out of Evi’s hold until she finally stopped and pressed her lips to his forehead.

“Now is my ticklish boy ready for some lunch?” Evi asked.

Jon sighed. “Yeah. PB and J is yummy.”

“Here you go, Jon.” Kayla put a paper plate in front of her younger brother. The sandwich was cut into small pieces, jelly oozing out the sides, guaranteeing that Jon would become a sticky mess in five seconds or less.

“These sandwiches look great, Kayla,” Orlando smiled as he handed a plate to his wife. “You did a great job on lunch.”

Evi’s sandwich, one of Kayla’s more creative endeavors, looked more like a lump of bread dipped in a peanut butter and jelly mixture. She looked at it for a second, trying to decide the best way to eat it, before giving a minute shrug and picking it up whole, ignoring the jelly that dripped down her hand.

By the end of lunch there were globs of peanut butter and streaks of jelly all over the table, all swimming in a lake of lemonade from Kayla’s knocked-over cup. Evi had a box of Wet Ones at the ready and quickly wiped Jon’s and Kayla’s faces and hands before letting them go play in the backyard.

“Pay in the leaves?” Jon asked hopefully.

“Go ahead, Jon,” Orlando grinned. “Mum and I will clean up and come play with you two in just a minute.”

Gathering the plates and napkins and glasses, Orlando and Evi went into the kitchen to clean up as well as they could.

“I’ll hose the table off later,” Orlando said with a soft chuckle. “I think that’s the only way to get that cleaned up.”

“Probably,” Evi agreed with a nod. She went to the sink and was about to wash her hands, but Orlando’s fingers closed around her wrist and stopped her before she could get to the soap.

“Hang on a sec,” he murmured, bringing her hand to his mouth and darting his tongue out to taste the jelly that still lingered. His forehead creased and he smacked his lips together, letting go of her hand.

“What?” Evi laughed.

“Tastes of Wet Ones.” Orlando shook his head and leaned in, finding a spot of peanut butter at the corner of her mouth. “Much better, that.”

Evi’s eyes closed as his arm snaked around her waist, pulling her against him while he kissed her. An instant later they were interrupted by Kayla voice floating to them through the open backdoor.

Mooooooom, Daaaaaaaaddy!

They each quickly rinsed their hands and hurried back outside, drying their hands on their jeans. Kayla was standing at the top of the stairs that led from the patio to the backyard, hands on hips and brow very seriously furrowed.

“What is it, little princess?” Orlando asked, going to kneel by her and put his hand on her back.

Jon took the rake and won’t give it back, even though he’s doing it completely wrong.” She motioned to the scene behind her; the leaves completely scattered, no semblance of a neat pile at all, and Jon trying to lift a rake that was twice his height and maneuver it to gather some leaves.

“What happened to the pile, guys?” Orlando asked. “Did you scatter all the leaves so quickly?”

“No!” Jon heaved a great sigh and let the rake clatter to the ground.

“We didn’t even get to play in the leaves,” Kayla said morosely. “The pile was already all gone when you and Mommy went to clean up.”

“What do you mean?” Evi frowned. “It’s not even windy.”

“Somebody else payed in the leaves.” Jon pointed across the yard.

Sidi and Lila were sitting up beside each other, tongues lolling out of their mouths, looking quite pleased with themselves. When Lila noticed the entire family looking at them, she had the sense to lope over to Kayla and shove her nose in the little girl’s hand, seeking forgiveness.

Jon walked over to Sidi and bent to scoop up a bunch of leaves. The dog rolled onto his back and wagged his tail feebly, giving the boy a contrite, apologetic look.

Jon dropped the leaves onto his head and Sidi flopped onto his side with a low groan, as though saying, Guess I deserved that.
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