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Espionage, 1/1 Domilie PG

Title: Espionage

Author: Stacy/seemedsobright

Characters: Dom, Emilie, and Billie Monaghan

Rating: PG

Summary: Dom is overprotective, Billie is upset, Emilie is exasperated, Abby is grounded, and Cheese is asleep.

Dedication: thisisironic requested a Domilie centered around, "Billie, Jake, Supervision, Paranoia, Overprotective."

Disclaimer: The people portrayed in this story are real people and I do not claim to know or own them or anything about them. The events described are entirely fictional and no harm is meant by this endeavor. The characters of Jake, Billie, Abby, and Cheese were created by the authors of epico and cannot be used without permission.


Emilie was sitting in the living room pretending to flip through a magazine when the front door opened with a crash and a pissed-off teenage girl stormed into the house.

“Back from your date, Billie?” Emilie glanced up with a smile and was greeted with a snarl.

Dom followed meekly behind, shutting the door quietly and not meeting Emilie’s eyes.

There was a twig sticking out of his hair.

Spying on me. I can’t believe you sometimes, Dad. I just can’t—” Billie made unintelligible noises, as though there were no words that properly captured the nature of her anger in that moment. She made a few jabbing gestures in the air and muttered something undoubtedly unflattering.

“What’s the matter, Billie?” Emilie shot Dom an I-told-you-so look and set the magazine on the coffee table. “And Dom, you’re dragging dirt all over the floor, can you please take off your shoes?”

Dom toed his mud-caked shoes off and went to put them by the backdoor.

“Mum, did you know about this?” Billie’s voice was rising higher and higher and her eyes were wide with indignation. Dom opened his mouth as though preparing to defend himself, but immediately snapped it shut when Billie made a noise at him halfway between a squeak and a shriek.

“Shhh, Billie, you’re going to wake your sister,” Emilie said soothingly, standing and walking toward her daughter with outstretched arms.

“Oh, please. Abby snuck out hours ago to see Jon.”

What?!” Dom roared. “She’s grounded! She can’t go off to snog her boyfriend in the middle of the night when she’s grounded!”

“That’s irrelevant!” Billie interjected. “We’re not talking about Abby, we’re talking about me and the fact that my own father cannot seem to grasp the concept that I am on the verge of adulthood and do not need a chaperone when I go on a date with a boy of equal maturity and intelligence!”

“I was not spying on you, Billie,” Dom said, struggling to keep his voice low and calm, as though he were dealing with a frightened animal. “As I would have told you if you’d given me a moment to explain, I was trimming the hedges!”

“Oh, god.” Billie looked torn between hysterical laughter and hysterical sobbing. She settled for a snort of indignation and crossed her arms over her chest. “Mum doesn’t let you near the hedges anymore, not since you massacred them last summer. ’S why we have a gardener.”

“And you’ve seen the rubbish job he does. I noticed this morning that they were getting out of hand, but I got busy during the day and didn’t have time to trim them until just now.”

“At 12:20 in the morning. Great idea, Dad, just brill.”

“Which brings me to another point! Your curfew is 12:00 sharp, young lady, what were you thinking staying out twenty minutes past curfew?”

“Dom.” Emilie’s voice stopped the argument in its tracks. That single word contained within it a world of emotion; exasperation, frustration, anger, and even bemusement. She gave him a look that clearly said get lost, accompanied by a wave of her hand.

Dom looked at her for a second as if contemplating defiance.

Then his shoulders sagged and he marched upstairs, slowly and deliberately. “I’m going to call Orlando and Evi and see if they know that their son is corrupting the only innocent daughter I’ve got left.”

“C’mere, Bill.” Emilie motioned for her to come closer and pulled her over to the couch, wrapping her arms around her when they sat. “Did you have a nice time with Jake tonight?”

“D’you know what we were doing?” Billie looked at Emilie, scowling. “We couldn’t decide what movie we wanted to see so we ended up at his house. I was going to force him to watch a chick flick but he wanted to make me watch Star Wars and we ended up watching home videos with Maggie and Ian. Jake was so embarrassed but the videos were just adorable. Maggie made popcorn and that was our whole night.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun.”

“It was. It was really nice, in a dorky sort of way.” Billie huffed. “Then he drove me home, and kissed me goodnight—one kiss, ’s not like we were snogging in his backseat!— and suddenly Dad’s jumping out of the bushes like a maniac telling Jake to stop sucking my face off. God, Mum, I was so mortified!”

“You know it’s been hard for him to accept that both of his little girls are growing up and dating,” Emilie said softly, smoothing Billie’s hair off her forehead. “He means well, bless his heart.”

“I know, but.” Billie made a growly noise in the back of her throat. “It’s not like I’m a bad kid or something! I don’t lie to you guys. Much. I’m not going around getting blazed every night. I don’t even like going to parties, people are so stupid there. I just like having a nice time with my boyfriend but Dad acts like I can’t be trusted to be alone with a boy. And it’s Jake, for God sakes! You and Dad have known Jake forever!”

“I should have barred the doors to keep him inside. That was my fault. He made some excuse about making sure Cheese’s little igloo wasn’t leaking and wandered outside at about five ’til twelve.” Emilie shook her head and murmured, half to herself, “It’s not even raining tonight.”

“I can’t believe Dad doesn’t even trust me with Jake.” Billie pouted.

“He does trust you, Billie.” Emilie kissed the top of her head and squeezed her shoulder. “It may not seem like it, but he’s not being distrustful. He’s just being a paranoid dad. But he loves you, Billie, you know that.”

“Yeah, I know he does.” Billie picked at a string on her jeans. “But he hid in the bushes until I got home. That’s just… it’s not really right, Mum.”

“No, it isn’t,” Emilie agreed. “I’ll talk to him. I’ll make him stop spying on you and Jake.” She stood, holding her hands out to Billie and pulling her to her feet. “You ought to get to bed. And I’ve still got to deal with your sister. Sneaking out while she’s grounded!”

“Oh, I made that up.” Billie wrapped an arm around Emilie’s waist and together they started up the stairs. “I wanted to seem like the good twin in comparison. She’s probably sound asleep, cuddled up with Cheese.”

Emilie sighed. “Isn’t making up stories to get your sister in trouble a bit like hiding in the bushes to spy on your teenage daughter?”

They stopped at the top of the stairwell, ready to go the separate ways to their bedroom.

“It’s not even close.”

Emilie laughed softly and leaned in to kiss Billie’s brow. “I’m glad you and Jake are having fun together. He’s a wonderful boy.”

“Yeah,” Billie murmured. “He is.”

Emilie turned toward her bedroom door but stopped when Billie whispered, “Mum?”

“When you said that you were going to talk to Dad and make him stop spying on us… um, you did mean talk, right? It’s not like some weird kinky innuendo? I lent my earplugs to Jake, so…”

Emilie hoped the hallway was dark enough to hide her blush. “Goodnight, Billie. Sleep well.”

Billie made retching noises all the way to her bedroom.
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